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Criminal & Traffic Defense

Criminal and traffic convictions can have long-lasting consequences. Hiring an experienced attorney can reduce stress and uncertainty.

Even "simple" traffic tickets can result in big penalties. 

Car Front

Traffic Violations

It's difficult to travel across Long Island and Queens without a car. At some point, you may be faced with a traffic ticket. Before you pay a fine or show up in court, you may want to speak with a lawyer. 

Traffic convictions can:

  • Result in high fines and surcharges

  • Impact your insurance rates

  • Lead to license suspension

  • Affect employment

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Mr. D'Antonio  has extensive experience with the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law. The firm also handles traffic trials and suspended licenses. 

Before you walk into court, contact D'Antonio Law, PLLC to see if we can assist.

Police Cars

Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can be upsetting and confusing. An experienced attorney can help ease the stress. 

Some convictions can have long lasting consequences. A conviction could:

  • Affect employment

  • Affect civil rights such as voting

  • Affect your license

  • Result in forfeiture

Mr. D'Antonio is a former Assistant District Attorney. The firm can handle arraignments, plea negotiations, hearings and trials. 

As a former ADA, Mr. D'Antonio has extensive experience with the criminal justice system. He knows how to analyze evidence and the strength of a case. He's tried numerous cases to verdict and worked with forensic experts including handwriting and fingerprint analysts.  

If you're facing criminal charges, contact the firm today to see if we can help. 

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