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Elder woman and her caretaker

Elder Law & Planning

Life doesn't get easier as we age. Planning ahead can reduce uncertainty and stress. 

A thoughtful will, healthcare proxy, and power of attorney are documents everyone should consider.

When immediate needs arise, a guardianship can offer relief. 

A Special Needs Trust and carefully drafted will may allow you to provide for a disabled loved one while preserving important government benefits 

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Power of Attorney

Advance Directives

Would your family know what to do if something unexpected happened to you? Do you have a COVID-19 plan for your personal and property needs?

A carefully drafted healthcare proxy, living will and power of attorney can prevent legal and family conflict in an emergency.

Everyone age 18 and older should consider these documents. D'Antonio Law, PLLC can help plan to:

  • Designate a trusted person to exercise your treatment wishes if you cannot convey your desires

  • Enable someone to exercise your property rights if you cannot act on your own

  • Provide "clear and convincing evidence" of your wishes regarding terminal illness and life support

Read more about advance directives in Mr. D'Antonio's published article. You can also contact the firm today for an appointment.

In Good Hands


Obtaining relief in crisis.

A guardianship may be necessary if a loved one lacks capacity to manage their affairs and does not have a sufficient power of attorney or healthcare proxy. 

Don't let illness or poor planing prevent important care or asset protection.

Mr. D'Antonio is a highly accomplished guardianship professional. Contact the firm today to see if guardianship can help your loved one. 


Wills and Trusts

Estate planning isn't just for the wealthy.

You don't have to be a millionaire to benefit from a well-drafted will or trust.

A thoughtful estate plan can avoid some of the time and cost associated with probate and administration proceedings. 

Without a plan, the government will determine who receives your property. A will or trust can ensure your assets are distributed on your terms.

Trusts can be critical in Medicaid planning. They also can preserve other government benefits for you or a disabled beneficiary.

Read more here in an article written by Mr. D'Antonio.

Contact the firm today to discuss creating or updating your estate documents.

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